A Christian Chanukah – Rededicating Our Lives to Christ

Tonight is the second night of Chanukah.  In the Jewish tradition, it is a time to remember the miracle of the oil lamps on the menorah of the Temple, which burned for 8 nights with not even enough oil to last one night.  The purpose for burning the lamps was to rededicate the Temple in Jerusalem after a revolt that brought it’s rule back to the Jewish people.

The tradition of Chanukah and the lighting of the “menorah” has always fascinated me.  Though, as a Christian, it is also one that I knew little about.

One thing I learned today is that many (including myself) incorrectly refer to the candelabrum used for the candles during the celebration as a menorah, when it is actually called a Hanukiah.  Menorah’s are only found in Temples and have 7 candles, whereas the Hanukiah has nine.

The two Hanukiah pictured above are from two artists I found on Etsy. (See links at the bottom of this post.) They were also my inspiration for a new chaplet I created today consisting of 8 small beads and one larger bead.

As I thought about the Christian tradition of Advent and the Jewish tradition of Chanukah, I saw how Advent is a time of rededication for Christians as well.

Advent is a time of preparation for the coming of Christ into our lives.  What better way to prepare for Christ’s coming than to rededicate our lives to Christ.  (As Paul says in 1 Cor. 3:16, we are God’s temple and God’s spirit dwells in us.)

In lieu of making this post any longer, I am going to continue it tomorrow. Until then, I leave you with one of the Jewish prayers said on this blessed night.


• Painted Metal Lazer Cut Menorah Pomegranate Tree by Emanuel Judica

Indigo Multi-colored Hanukkah Menorah by millecolori

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