Hanukiah Prayer Bead Reflections

Last night I wrote a bit about Chanukah and the miracle of the menorah lamps in the Temple.

Tonight, the third night of Chanukah, I am reflecting on the prayer I published in the last post.  This is the prayer I am referring to:

Blessed are You
our God, Creator of time and space,
who performed miracles for our ancestors,
in the days long ago, And at this time.

My thoughts lead me to the last two lines of this beautiful prayer and the idea of miracles.  I know I witness miracles every day, but I often do not take time to notice.

At this busy time of year, we are so often distracted by all of the preparations and gatherings.  It is wonderful to decorate, bake, and attend all the wonderful opportunities for Christmas celebration.  But, it makes me wonder what we miss.

Miracles do happen “at this time” not just in biblical times.  Lord, help me to notice.

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