The Artist’s Rule: Nurturing Your Creative Soul with Monastic Wisdom

As an artist and someone who seeks to embrace a monastic way of life, I am very excited about this a new book, which has yet to be released by Christine Valters Paintner.

The Artist’s Rule: Nurturing Your Creative Soul with Monastic Wisdom
is now available for pre-order from Amazon at 47% off the cover price.

“Summarized in the phrase ‘pray and work,’ The Rule of St. Benedict provides the inspiration for Christine Valters Paintner’s newest exploration of the mutually nourishing relationship between contemplative practices and creative expression. Artists of all stripes and stations in life–poets or painters, potters or photographers–will discover how traditions of Benedictine, Celtic, and desert spirituality can offer new sources of inspiration for their work.

Through this twelve-week course, themes like ‘Sacred Tools and Sacred Space,’ ‘Creative Solitude and Community,’ and ‘Nature as a Source of Revelation and Inspiration’ are enriched by Paintner’s perceptive discussion and enhanced by insightful quotations from well-known artists and writers. Each week offers suggestions for grounding both the creative and the spiritual life through three basic practices: walking, lectio divina, and journaling. In sync with Paintner’s vibrant Internet presence, The Artist’s Rule is supplemented with online resources, including guided meditation podcasts, video lessons, and discussions.”

You will most certainly be hearing about my own reflections as I embark on the journey through this book.  Stay tuned!

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