Holy Saturday – Faith in the Unknown

The space between.  The space between Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  The space between death and the resurrection.  Is this the space between knowing and unknowing?  Is this the space where I most often live–wondering if the resurrection really did happen?  Is Jesus really the Savior of the World?  Is my faith only but a false hope?

Today, Holy Thursday, I am pondering those questions.  I am also wondering what it must have been like for those who saw those last days of Christ’s life on earth with their own eyes.  Did they ask themselves these same questions?  Will I always be the doubting Thomas that needs to see and touch the nails that pierced Christ’s hands before I will believe He rose again?

Is there a space between knowing and unknowing, or do we have to choose one or the other? If I question what I believe does that make it unknown to me?  Does that mean I do not have faith?

The more I think about it, that space between is the unknown.  Good Friday is a known and Easter Sunday is a known.  Where we live is in the unknown.  Where we live is in the space between.  Physically, we have yet to experience death.  Physically, we have yet to experience Christ’s promise of the resurrection.  However, we are more than physical beings.  That I do believe.

Can I also believe that I experience death and new life over and over again in my walk with Christ here on earth?  Can I die to my own insecurities and let Christ be the master of my being?  Can I be in the unknown, yet knowing?  Can I not know, yet have faith?  Isn’t that what faith is–to know in the unknown?  Or, is faith not knowing but believing?

“I do believe; Lord help my unbelief”  Mark 9:24

Click here for the article by Christine Valters-Paintner that ignited these thoughts.


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