Psalms of Hope Chaplets

Psalms of Hope Chaplet

Psalms of Hope Chaplet by prayer bedes

The first prayer beads documented in the Western Church were called Psalters. Religious Clerics were required to pray the Divine Office, which included reciting and meditating on the 150 Psalms of the bible during specific times throughout the day.

Memorizing all 150 Psalms is beyond what many of us will ever accomplish. Yet, the Psalms carry many words that can be of great comfort to us in times of distress.

I created the Psalms of Hope Chaplet for this purpose. The comforts and strengths we can find in praying the Psalms are many.

A mantra or short phrase is at times all we can utter when we are distressed; it becomes our fervent prayer. The meaning of the word “hope” becomes much deeper than we ever imagined. Repeating a short phrase from the Psalms for prayer can help us rest in God’s loving presence.

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