Oops! I forgot one!

This morning I received a message from someone questioning if there were supposed to be 10 small beads on this instead of nine.  Oh my!  I missed one!  It is not the first time I have done this, but I usually catch it before I list it in my shop!  I am glad that this person caught my mistake before someone purchased it.

This brings up another point that I have so often thought about, namely vintage rosaries.  I wonder how many other “oops” rosaries there are out there that have survived the ages.  I imagine this one getting out there and years later being analyzed.  Would those in the future know that it was a mistake?

I have seen antique rosaries that seem to be missing a bead.  Often, it is assumed that one bead was lost over the years.  Maybe that is not the case, and the rosary maker simply forgot a bead.

Though, I did take this out of my shop right away when the mistake was brought to my attention, and I plan to remake it and include the intended 10 Ave beads, I am reminded that it is not the number of our prayers that are important.  I don’t believe God counts them.  The purpose of counting prayers is only a method to keep us focussed.

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