Chalk House Blessing

EpiphanyChalkHouseBlessingWhen I read about the Epiphany Chalk House Blessing on the Liturgy blog, I wanted to do it with our own home.  The only problems were that we only have a sliver of trim above our front door.  (The top of the door is basically next to the ceiling.)  The other problem was that we do not have any brick on our house like is shown in the picture on the Liturgy blog post.  So, the question was, “Where would I put it?”

Then, I remembered the framed chalkboard I had, and I realized there was no reason why I could not hang it outside.  Click on the Epiphany Chalk House Blessing link above to find out more about this meaningful practice.

(I know that it is past Epiphany, but I decided that did not really matter.  Next year, I will be ready.)

God’s Blessings to your Hearts and Homes this New Year!



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