A Rosary Prayer

This is a copy of what I received in my email inbox today from the Upper Room Daily Reflections that I subscribe to.  It features an excerpt from a new book of prayers that can be used with the Anglican Rosary and is written by a friend of mine, Kristen E. Vincent.  What stood out to me today was the phrase “With all that I am, I praise you.”

URMany times (if not always) when I am stringing rosaries, I am also praying.  The act of making rosaries can be as prayerful as using them.  My prayer is often a short phrase that I repeat.  The repetitive form of prayer has become very meaningful to me.

My prayer this morning went something like this:

With all that I am, I praise you, Lord.  In the good times and bad, with all that I am, I praise you, Lord.  What I am, I give to you, Lord.  With all that I am, I praise you, Lord.  Lord, help me to praise you always.  Make my life a prayer to you.  With all that I am, I praise you Lord…

Often additional thoughts well up from the initial phrase of prayer, as you can see above.  Yet, coming back to your initial prayer phrase over and over again, the thoughts end up not distracting you, but taking you deeper into conversation with God.

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