I Am Already With You ~God

It is time again to do my book work for the past year.  It is one of my least favorite things to do.  If I just did it every month throughout the year, it would not be such a big deal.  But, that never seems to happen.

Being on the computer, I also tend to find diversions.  I can only do data entry for so long before I need a break.  Today, I ended up looking at iTunes.  It is always fun to see what is new out there in the music scene.

I came across an artist named, Michelle Mandico, and was drawn to her voice and contemplative sound.  This particular song – I Am Already With You – seemed to speak to particularly today.  What if this was a conversation between me and God?  Why do I sometimes resist God, like we are on different sides?  Why do I search so much instead of resting in the sure knowledge that God is already with me?

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